Porchetta Making Master Class

07 May 2020

Date: Saturday 16th May

Time: 4pm - 5pm

Location: Online through the magic of Zoom, ingredients delivered to your door!

With the cooler months on the way in why not master the art of making the perfect porchetta at home? The team at Meat Market South Wharf are heading online to take you through how to make your own from de-boning to the perfect stuffing and how to make your own delicious gravy.

The team will deliver the raw ingredients to your door including some fresh and delicious side veggies to roast along side your creation then you can join the Zoom link at the class time from the comfort of your own kitchen asking questions of our chef and joining others that have the same passion for food. You will only need equipment found in your own home such as an oven, sharp knife and chopping board.

The class will consist of the following:

  • De-boning your pork belly
  • Scoring the meat for the perfect crackling
  • Rubbing and flavouring the meat
  • Creating the stuffing
  • Preparing the veggies
  • Making gravy


We will get you to the point of popping in the oven and leave you with our YouTube video which outlines the last few steps of cooking your delicious meals. With each class we will provide the pork belly, raw ingredients to feed approximate-ly 2 people and a Zoom link to dial into your class. You can purchase addition-al ingredients if you are cooking for more than two.

Follow the link to book HERE!

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