DreamCity - Closed

DreamCity is a unique, fully immersive ‘edutainment’ experience for primary-aged children, set to fill a gap in children’s entertainment in Australia. DreamCity Melbourne is a brand-new edutainment destination for young families set to open in November 2019. It’s a place where kids get to run the city of the future…a place where children experience being an adult for a few hours and can take on the roles that keep DreamCity functioning. Kids can try a bunch of careers using the latest high-tech equipment, such as:

›› Laser-guided Fire Fighting
›› Full Simulation Pilot School
›› Laparoscopy Surgeon
›› Neonatal Nurse
›› Online Video Creators
›› Podcasting and Radio Show Producers
›› Coders and Robotics Engineers
›› Dream Zone - a free-style construction zone

For parents and guardians the DreamCafe will serve lattes and cappuccinos that are out of this world!

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