Named after the red paper lanterns that hang outside Japanese izakaya, Akachochin is a modern Tokyo-style bar. 

Akachochin's Head Chef brings the quality, humility and elegance of Japanese dining to the Promenade, along with some contemporary surprises. 

Akachochin’s specialty sake range, comprising over 50 different varieties, showcases the best Japan has to offer. Matched to the region from which dishes originate, you can eat and drink your way around Japan.

Reminiscent of Japanese Izakaya’s, Akachochin (despite being difficult to pronounce at first) is a welcoming experience to Japanese cuisine and Sake. Right on the waterfront in Melbourne’s South Wharf Akachochin offers a range of Whiskey, Sake, Sashimi and more. A careful hand lends to refined dishes that are well balanced and incredibly fresh, paired with the right drink you cannot go wrong. The venue is one of warmth with its Izakaya roots coming through, keeping it down to earth and relaxed.

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